Marjano & Denis Kapurani
A Comet to Bury Lovers

Dear sons of light, stop bathing at stream.
Patrols of snakes ranging all around and reptiles are gambling your last grams of soul.
Flowers of flesh / Rubber curly hair / Cornish chest / Words are algebra.
Who is gonna slay the albino serpent on Mars? Fetching in dark penumbra. I have been wounded, nano comets crushing on my open wounds.
Above my saliva built village the grayscale rainbow shadows my corral.
Girls of Sodom, boys of Gomorrah.
Busy hustlers , milked boy scouts.
Your Gens don't reflect in the bathroom mirror, your last 2 cents for Hormones.
Girls grow up to be auxiliaries,but…If your sons are seahorses then who's the jockey? They duck for a gram of zephyr.
You build your nest with thorns Grisaille fresco of a carnival / Cave flooded by liquid sins of excitement / Marigolds swimming backward.
Hope mafia trade you for a dead monkey , and dream dealers sold you nightmares in Disney.
Now your tears dripping upwards, leaving traces of cement on your skin.
Metal runs in your veins.
If we change the timeline of historic events we will have the same history? Cosmic payment.
Look above ! A comet to bury nefarious and transgressors. The air between my fingers flying like a dove above the Dead Sea.
Do it.
Who fears a featherless vulture? Because even sheep have teeth.
Kick the head of the last traitor to spit the last amount of poison from his teeth.
My mouth explodes when I call your name . Worthy for I am..
We carry the last victorious child , guarded with palms and flaming swords.
He is the light that triumphs in the middle of a black hole.
Born to represent the S.W.O.R.L , well-qualified for the POCKOCMOC.
Hearing screaming from an experiment's capsule , parrots pigs and youngsters . Taking late night the Puritans Express, my Wild Card to the new world gives me that privilege. who is leading the Ipcress case ? Bruised knees, thrilled spine , extirpated wings and fossilized wounds.
It's the death eau de cologne that makes people feel stressed for light , but gems are still gems even buried in the deep sea . Cynical and Phosphorescent.
Enter coordination to Eden please !

Marjano & Denis Kapurani
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